Thursday, December 11, 2008

Did This Package Come From Joe Collector?

I have two mystery boxes that I got in the mail today. One, I have identified. One I have not.

Let's focus our attention on the package that I haven't fully identified yet.

It came with no return address. It came with no note. It came with no identifying marks whatsoever. Not even an ink stamp cancelling the postage. Nothing.

The box contains many White Sox cards and many more non-White Sox cards. There is a whole pile of pristine looking 1993 Topps cards and a bunch of 2000 Topps. Seemingly random cards, or are they? I don't know.

The date of sale for the postage was December 4, 2008. I have my guesses, since the zip code is from Salem, Oregon, but I need confirmation. So, Jeff, are you responsible for this big box at my door? If so, thank you!

More to come as details pour in.


wedgehead said...

yes it is, i got a similar package and deduced it was from him as i wasn't expecting any other packages

Steve Gierman said...

I finally deduced that too, but as I seem to be getting a flurry of packages lately, I wanted to make sure.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I got one also, I have a picture of the one I got at Padrographs.

stusigpi said...

Indeed, it is from me. I didn't put a return address on there because I didn't want people to feel obligated to send anything back.

You are welcome.

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