Friday, August 7, 2009

A Preview Of The Next Few Posts

This weekend should be interesting enough. I am going to take a nice break and take in a movie with my mom this afternoon. She wanted to see "Julie & Julia" and invited me to tag along. I figured that the cast was decent enough and it sounds like a somewhat different idea for a movie, so why not?

I'll get the card spotlight up sometime this evening. This weekend should bring a discussion about the licensing bombshell that gave Topps the only company with rights to the players' likenesses and the team logos.

There will be a memorial card up on the site this weekend. It's someone most of you know, but probably don't realize that you know. That's all the information I will be giving on that one right now.

The look of the blog may change slightly, if all goes according to plan. Nothing major, just cosmetic stuff.

If you are wondering what the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend have to do with this post or with this weekend, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. Maybe they have something to do with it, maybe I just wanted to post a picture of them.

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dayf said...


o/ \o
/I I\
/\ /\

(My ascii art got all screwed in the preview, but I'm doin' it anyway)

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