Saturday, August 14, 2010

Walking To The Mailbox

There are a few bloggers, that I have traded with long enough, where random packages will pop up at my doorstep with little or no warning. Sometimes they are filled with things from my want list. Sometimes they are filled with assorted White Sox cards and a few players that I collect. These don't always have things that I need, but they are always fun.

The latest package that came this way was from Cliff of Capewood's Collections. Cliff usually sends a good chunk of White Sox that he runs across, while I set aside Phillies and Astros for him.

This collection of random cards was no exception. In the package, I spotted a Harold Baines card from his days in Oakland and the rest are all glorious White Sox cards.

Ranging from 1988 until 2010, this was heavy on recent cards (2007 - 2010) and 1992 Ultra. Throw in a few random cards from other years and you have a very interesting package. Everybody is here, from Ron Karkovice to Ramon Castro. Mark Buehrle to Melido Perez. Ozzie Guillen to Alexei Ramirez and many in between.

Thanks, Cliff! I'll have fun sorting through these this weekend. These packages are especially nice, since my card budget is down to almost zero lately. I should have a package of Phillies and Astros to send out soon.


capewood said...

Steve, glad you liked the cards. I like the Gavin Floyd card you highlighted. What was he doing, wiping his nose on his sleeve? Those 2009 Goudey cards were weird.

Steve Gierman said...

That is an odd shot of Floyd. At least they were historically accurate in the portrayal of players in the style of the original set.

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