Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2012 Topps Heritage High Numbers

While I'm not a huge fan of the high numbers sets (I blame the sudden emergence of a 2008 high numbers series as the main reason I have not completed that set yet), I am a fan of the Topps Heritage sets. This is the way to do a set. Each year there are different designs and they have the retro feel that all the cool kids love. It's mostly a win/win situation. The thing that brings this set down is the online exclusivity and the limited number of sets for the high numbers. There were only 1,000 factory sets available.

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy collecting limited cards. It's one aspect of the hobby which assures that no two collections are alike. What bugs me is the disturbing trend to circumvent the hobby shops and retail stores all together for a physical release that is highly collectible. These shouldn't be online exclusives. Not if you've already released the bulk of the set with wider distribution. Topps continues to be innovative while alienating its consumer base. I would say that is highly frustrating.

The high numbers set contains one hundred cards. The White Sox have eight total cards.

H591 - John Danks
H597 - Jake Peavy
H601 - Philip Humber
H618 - Brett Myers
H623 - Gordon Beckham
H625 - Alex Rios
H635 - Francisco Liriano
H671 - Gavin Floyd

Topps continues the retro feel with the 1963 set design. Even with the many complaints I have about how this has been released to the public, I cannot deny the attraction to this set. The set is a winner, even with some questionable delivery methods. My only question... where is Kevin Youkilis' White Sox card in this set. With eight cards in the set for the Pale Hose, that is a miniscule complaint.

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Backstop Cards said...

I wasn't stoked on the idea of an online exclusive High Numbers either, but I picked up the only TWO Padres cards from the set in a trade, so it worked out. Last year's Heritage set has been my favorite so far, but I am probably a little biased since I started getting back into the hobby at the end of 2011.

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