Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I'm Thankful For This Year

In no particular order...

New job
Better new job
Restarting my education
New relationship
Not abandoning this blog
A new direction for the White Sox
At least one company still makes baseball cards
Becoming a published author
Happiness after sadness
Reading everyone else's card blogs
The feeling of a freshly opened pack of cards
Watching "Garfield's Thanksgiving" on DVD today
Watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" on DVD right after
Secretly wishing that my dinner consisted of buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn and jelly beans

Hope everyone has a growing list of things to be thankful for this year!


Play at the Plate said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

dayf said...

I'm thankful for mah bros, bro!
Happy Thanksturkey!

Spiff said...

Glad to hear you are still on the upswing.

night owl said...

The Charlie Brown gang also had ice cream sundaes as part of their Thanksgiving dinner. I always thought that was pretty good. I'll accept some toast if dessert is going to be an ice cream sundae.

capewood said...

It's good to have stuff to be thankful for, considering what you've gone through this year.

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