Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7

1975 TCMA 1919 Chicago White Sox - Dave Danforth

On this day in 1890, Dave Danforth was born.

Dave was a left handed pitcher from Granger, Texas, who was with the White Sox from 1916 until 1919. The White Sox drafted Dave out of the minors on September 15, 1915. During 1916 spring training, Danforth taught his signature shineball to two other pitchers, Eddie Cicotte and Hod Eller. Dave went on to participate in the 1917 World Series, pitching one inning and giving up two runs while striking out two, but wasn't around when his two disciples met in the 1919 World Series. Hod became one of the aces of the 1919 Cincinnati Reds World Series staff and Eddie became one of the eight player banned for life shortly after that series.

Danforth led the American League in pickoffs in 1916, with 15. He had a move that bordered on balking.

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