Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Thoughtful Journey To My Mailbox

 It's always a wonderful feeling when an unexpected package arrives in the mail. Especially when that package contains baseball cards! Specifically cards of one of your favorite players.

J.T. from The Writer's Journey saw a couple of Harold Baines cards and thought I'd like them. Was he ever right! Harold is the one untainted baseball hero from my youth. Well after his playing days, another baseball hero from my youth passed out in a cornfield and has since lost a little of my respect, but far from all of it.

Cards of Harold in his prime are a real treat. Although, I would be joyful if a White Sox card from the eighties showed anything but Baines batting, standing or posing. Harold was a five tool player and I refuse to believe there are no pictures of him making a diving catch in the outfield, in an eighties White Sox uniform.

The first image I saw when I removed the contents of the package was the 1987 Fleer Baseball's Hottest Stars card staring back at me. It was a simpler time, before beefed up super players sullied the game. Harold was young and one of the brightest spots on a White Sox team headed in the wrong direction.

I flipped the top loader over and the 1985 Drake's card was revealed.
Not far removed from an American League West championship, things were still promising for the White Sox when this gem came out. Baines had just crossed the threshold into crafty veteran presence while still having all the skills to accomplish anything.

Thanks, J.T. This was a great trip down memory lane. It always great to receive surprise cards from you in the mail. This was greatly appreciated!

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