Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Lifetime Topps Project Trade

I will freely admit that my job takes too much of my time away from this blog. My family is also a culprit in my time away from the blog too. Both things I absolutely love and will not apologize one iota for occupying my time more frequently.

That being said, I miss the time that I would spend day in and day out on this blog, uncovering long buried hobby secrets, reminiscing about cup of coffee players from decades ago and being on the pulse of the hobby through my feverish pace of trades and daily monitoring of other card blogs.

I keep up when I can, but I know I'm not as in the loop as I was a few years ago. That's OK though. I keep up enough to where I can still hold up my end of a conversation about baseball cards. I still put my stored up knowledge to good use talking shop. I still keep up on new releases and what's going on in the hobby world. The information just doesn't arrive to me instantaneously anymore. It's more after work and between time with my wife and daughter.

I still love a good trade and when I can make it work, I am all over it. When The Lifetime Topps Project e-mailed me about a possible trade, I was excited. It had been awhile since I've traded and I was hoping to make it work. First, I would have to find time to rummage through my boxes to find some trade bait. It took some time, but I managed to find a few cards that were on the want list.

Full disclosure, the trade is lopsided. I feel bad about it, but sometimes a few cards that can get someone close to a completion goal is better than hitting a whole bunch of cards that make a small ripple in an ocean.

Here's what Charlie sent over.

1993 SP
253 - Alex Fernandez
255 - Bo Jackson

1993 Ultra
177 - Scott Radinsky

1994 SP
188 - Wilson Alvarez

1994 Upper Deck
3 - James Baldwin

1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond
3 - James Baldwin
25 - Tom Fordham
43 - Alex Fernandez
57 - Julio Franco
156 - Ozzie Guillen
231 - Alex Fernandez
371 - Joey Cora

1994 Upper Deck Minors
8 - Brandon Wilson
128 - Eddie Pearson

1995 Pinnacle
226 - Frank Thomas

1995 SP Championship
137 - Jason Bere
138 - Robin Ventura

1995 SP Top Prospects
35 - Harold Williams
37 - Tom Fordham

1995 SportFlix
 157 - Scott Ruffcorn

1995 Stadium Club
33 - Joey Cora
155 - Jack McDowell

1995 Ultra
28 - Alex Fernandez

1995 Upper Deck
197 - Wilson Alvarez
254 - Jimmy Hurst
434 - Alex Fernandez
436 - Roberto Hernandez

1996 Upper Deck
387 - Frank Thomas

1998 SP Authentic
68 - Robin Ventura

1999 SP Authentic
21 - Mike Caruso

2003 SP Authentic
105 - Magglio Ordonez (1615/2500)

2004 SP Authentic
59 - Frank Thomas

2005 SPx
61 - Joe Crede

 2005 UD Origins
218  Brian Anderson

2005 UD Reflections
206 - Brandon McCarthy
275 - Sean Tracey

2007 Upper Deck
89 - Neal Cotts

2009 Upper Deck
588 - Jim Thome

2010 Upper Deck
137 - John Danks

Thanks, Charlie! These cards are awesome. Thank you for your generosity. I will keep my eye out for other cards that are on your list. This was a great trip down memory lane.

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