Thursday, January 31, 2019

2019 Topps Series One

There's something very satisfying about the Topps flagship release every year. The frigid temperatures seem to melt away, as thoughts of spring warm the mind. Spring training is mere weeks away and the doldrums of winter fear the thaw.

This year's design reminds me of Upper Deck and Fleer designs, but not in a bad way. The striping along two sides are reminiscent of the 1982 Topps design. Just a hint, without being too bold. Nice crisp pictures accentuate the front of the card. There is a fading feature that Topps has displayed in the last few years, but now it hearkens back to the ending of Avengers: Infinity War.

I like this year's design, but I'm sure I will be sick of it by the All-Star break. It's inevitable. It happens almost every year. I collect so much because I'm so excited when series one comes out, then I'm drowning in the design by the time series two is issued. I'm almost completely over it by the time the update series rolls around. It's nothing against the sets. It's 100% my fault for my glutenous attack.

The White Sox have nine cards in the set.

46 - Jose Abreu
49 - Michael Kopech
80 - Tim Anderson
111 - Reynaldo Lopez
137 - Carlos Rodon
188 - Matt Davidson
196 - Adam Engel
264 - Avisail Garcia
308 - Yolmer Sanchez

I'm a bit impressed with the lineup in series one. Kopech finally gets a rookie card. As of this writing, I only count two players that have past the White Sox. Avi is with the Rays and Matt Davidson is awaiting offers.

There are three short prints and one super short print in series one. Info on that can be found here. Another solid effort from Topps.


John Sharp said...

I thought about the '82 set as well.

Didn't know that Davidson wasn't still with ChiSox...terrific hitter.

Steve Gierman said...

The Rangers just signed Davidson.

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