Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates And Nonsensical Things

I'm still sick with a sinus infection and I'm not happy. I feel like a cat, sleeping most of the day away. I'm not getting any work done and I hope to rectify that soon. We'll see.

Most of my waking hours, I feel like the photo of Scott Podsednik. I feel off balance, out of step, out of time. It seems like I'll never make it to my destination because of the clumsiness of my own body. Welcome to Sinusland, population; me.

I'm still waiting to get this Geocities thing straightened out. Until then, my want list and a few other things may be unavailable.

Fortunately, while I try to conduct myself in a healthy manner, Johngy wrote a post about my Squires card. If you're really jonesing for new-ish content, head over there. I hope to get a few things posted soon, but my energy seems sapped.

At least I don't have a doctor like this.



I can feel for you.I just got over all that crud.It'll get better,I promise! ( Speaking of doctors,my word verification is "colin".)

Anonymous said...

Kids in the Hall was a great show, but Whitest Kids U Know took sketch comedy to a whole new level.


Hope you feel better.

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