Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Obak Box Break: Packs 6-10

Part two of the 2009 TriStar Obak box break.

Pack six:

99 - William Howard Taft (Washington D.C.)
62 - Gene Conley (Hartford)
12 - Austin Jackson mini green parallel (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre) (03/25)
90 - Wesley Branch Rickey (Farm System)
83 - Arthur Albert "Foxy" Irwin (Fielding Glove)
80 - Harrison Harwood (Baseball Manufacturer)
A green parallel mini and a president. Nothing too exciting in this pack, but a lot of history.

Pack seven:

77 - William "Candy" Cummings (Curve Ball)
57 - Grover Lowdermilk (Mattoon)
38 - Ryne Sandberg (Oklahoma City)
19 - Dale Murphy mini (Richmond)
63 - Bobby Grich (Rochester)
45 - Oscar "Ox" Eckhardt (Mission)
A Ryno that I was looking for to bolster my friend's future collection. Dale Murphy in a minor league mini. Still pretty nice.

Pack eight:

31 - Brett Wallace (Sacremento)
12 - Gordon Beckham variation (Birmingham, S.L.)
23 - Nolan Ryan mini (Jacksonville)
92 - Frank Shaughnessy (MiLB Playoff System)
100 - Barack Obama (Washington, D.C.)
78 - The Dukes (Industrialists)
Bacon variation! Also, Obama was on my list. The mini Ryan makes this a great pack. The card of the Dukes cracks me up!

Pack nine:

14 - Madison Bumgarner (Connecticut)
4 - Eric Hosmer (Burlington)
A46 - Gary Redus auto (Waterbury) (149/200)
40 - Steve Bilko mini (Los Angeles)
54 - George Brunet (Little Rock)
41 - Ted Williams (San Diego)
This is the auto that I was psyched about. Like I said before, if he wasn't on my list to collect, I would probably be a bit underwhelmed. Finally, a Bumgarner card without an "O" face! Plus, you can't go wrong with Mr. Frozen Head Walt Disney Ted Williams.

Pack ten:

20 - Jesus Montero (Tampa)
26 - Mike Stanton (Jacksonville)
23 - Nolan Ryan mini variation (Jacksonville, I.L.)
33 - Stan Musial (Springfield)
24 - Carlos Santana (Akron)
12 - Gordon Beckham (Birmingham)
A regular Bacon card. Stan the man. A mini Ryan variation. Great stuff!

Halfway through the box. More to come.

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