Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Up

I'm under the weather today. My sinuses are killing me, my voice is nearly gone and I barely have any energy. Still, I figured I'd show off the box topper from the box of Obak that I received yesterday. And here I thought that the Dukes only dealt in frozen concentrated orange juice. I learn something new everyday.

I intend to do a pack by pack breakdown of the hobby box of Obak. I'm still stuck in Amish country as far as computer related video equipment goes, or else I would have filmed the break. I'm very pleased with the contents of the box, but I'm sure everyone may not feel that way. I'll say this, if I hadn't already decided that I wanted a certain autograph, I probably would have been less than thrilled when pulling it.

Sometime I also want to create posts about two packages I've gotten in the mail. One from Mark at Stats On The Back and the second from Ryan at The Great Orioles Autograph Project. Both packages were great and I will thank each of them properly with their own posts. Just not today.

I'm going to have a nice, hot meal and wash it down with some Wild Berry Zinger tea. I'll leave you with something entertaining at least.


JD's Daddy said...

man, you are all over Obak. I can't wait to see some scans (well, actually I can wait because you are sick, but you know what I mean).

Johngy said...

Oh for the glory days of Paul and Wings. I remember getting 'Wings over America', a 3 album live set. How awesome that was.

beardy said...

Sweet Trading Places reference.

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