Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Obak Box Break: Packs 11-15

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Pack eleven:

69 - Bill "Moose" Skowron (Kansas City)
65 - Ron Kittle (Glens Falls)
50 - William "Dummy" Hoy mini (Oshkosh)
50 - Arnold John "Jigger" Statz (Los Angeles)
30 - Josh Vitters (Peoria)
21 - Mike Moustakas (Wilmington)
Wow! The first three cards were on my list. I've already shown a regular Hoy, so it was down to Kittle and Skowron. Kitty is shown in a White Sox affiliate, so the edge goes to Kitty.

Pack twelve:

47 - Joe Hauser (Minneapolis)
42 - Russell "Buzz" Arlett (Oakland)
35 - Brooks Robinson (York)
44 - Johnny Vander Meer (Durham)
28 - Pat Venditte (Charleston)
16 - Tommy Hanson (Gwinnett)
Lots of cool cards in this pack, but I'd be sorry if I didn't show the switch pitcher.

Pack thirteen:

81 - Elias Howe (Sewing Machine)
71 - Emmett Ashford (Umpire)
A21 - Will Middlebrooks auto (Greenville) (1/5)
41 - Gene Conley mini (Hartford)
74 - Alexander Cartwright (Inventor of Baseball)
89 - George H. Rawlings (Sporting Goods)
This pack would have been one strictly for the history books had it not been for the best hit of the box!

Pack fourteen:

70 - Johnny Vander Meer (Durham)
87 - Abner Charles Powell (New Orleans)
41 - Ted Williams variation (San Diego P.C.L.)
65 - Nick Lachey mini (Tacoma)
43 - Walter Carlisle (Vernon)
5 - Brett Lawrie (Wisconsin)
Nick Lachey?! Seriously??!! Nick Lachey???!!!

Pack fifteen:

97 - John W. Heisman (Atlanta)
18 - Austin Jackson (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre)
39 - Joe Wilhoit mini (Salt Lake City)
22 - Jarrod Parker (Mobile)
10 - Michael Ynoa (AZL Athletics)
39 - Tom Seaver (Jacksonville)
A terrific Tom Seaver card!

Really?! Nick Lachey????!!!! More to come.


Anonymous said...

I like these cards, but it's one of those sets that I would rather just buy the singles I like (such as Redus, Vander Meer). It's cool to see someone breaking a box and scanning some of the goods. Keep it up, Steve!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Would you be looking to trade the Venditte? I follow the Riverdogs (I'm from Charleston and they used to be a Rays affiliate) and the cards I'm chasing from the Obak are that one and the Brackman. Just drop me a line if you are interested!

White Sox Cards said...

Sure, I'd be willing to trade the Venditte. I'll e-mail you during the week about it.

cannon403 said...

I see you posted this some time ago, but I was googling Will Middlebrooks and found you had pulled this 1/5 auto. If you still possess this card, I would be very interested in purchasing it from you. I will pay you $40.00 for it as a "BUY IT NOW" on ebay.You can refer to my buyer feedback on ebay as user name cannon403. Thank you for considering my offer. -Kevin

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