Monday, October 5, 2009

Dummy Hoy 2009 Card

After writing a few posts about Dummy Hoy, I've run into a few very passionate collectors of Hoy cards. I think that it's fantastic!

The more I learn about Dummy Hoy, the more I am intrigued by his career and life. It's my pleasure to announce to those collectors that there is a new Dummy Hoy card in the 2009 TriStar Obak set. Actually, there are several. Parallels, you know.

While the picture is familiar, this is still a brand new card for the Hoy completists to search for. I would have posted this information when the Obak release first hit shelves, but I've had all sorts of trouble finding the product at any store near me.

Instead of waiting until I have the product in hand, I'll pass the info on now. The Hoy card hunt begins!


capewood said...

I bought some Obak packs a few weeks ago and really liked them. I haven't seen them anywhere since. In fact, I like the design as much as the UD Goodwins.

White Sox Cards said...

I went to a card shop specifically for Obak and got a blank stare in return. I like what I've seen so far online, but I haven't managed to track any packs down yet.

I like the prospect of everyone in their minor league uniforms. It allows me to bend my rules of collecting to include anyone who is connected with the White Sox. It's actually kind of freeing.

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