Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Obak Box Break: Packs 16-20

The final five packs in the 2009 TriStar Obak box break.

Pack sixteen:

23 - Buster Posey (San Jose)
88 - Patrick T. Powers (NAPBL President)
46 - Alexander Cartwright mini (Inventor of Baseball)
13 - Tim Beckham (Bowling Green)
8 - Junichi Tazawa (Portland)
36 - Al Rosen (Oklahoma City)
The other Beckham. A few interesting minor leaguers and a couple of history lessons.

Pack seventeen:

7 - Fu-Te Ni (Toledo)
27 - Chris Tillman (Norfolk)
20 - Jesus Montero green parallel (Tampa) (20/25)
62 - Barack Obama mini (Washington D.C.)
52 - Joe Bauman (Amarillo)
85 - Virne Beatrice "Jackie" Mitchell (Chattanooga)
After watching a six part documentary on Monty Python on IFC this week, I could make a joke about Ni, but I won't. It would be so much easier if he played for the Charlotte Knights. Some nice cards in this pack. The first woman to sign a pro contract. A green parallel. An Obama mini. Good stuff!

Pack eighteen:

51 - Monty Stratton (Sherman)
58 - Ron Necciai (Bristol)
68 - Rollie Zeider mini (San Francisco)
72 - Russell "Lena" Blackburne (Rubbing Mud)
17 - Jason Heyward (Myrtle Beach)
25 - Justin Smoak (Frisco)
Two more cards off my list with the Stratton and Blackburne. The Zeider minis are unnumbered like the regular card. The Stratton is a different pose than the previous mini.

Pack nineteen:

32 - Dale Murphy (Richmond)
49 - Gene Rye (Waco)
9 - Madison Bumgarner mini (Connecticut)
76 - Mike Coolbaugh (Columbus)
60 - Joe Wilhoit (Salt Lake City)
48 - Robert Forrest "Spook" Jacobs (Asheville)
My first card of Mike Coolbaugh. Too bad it had to be a card reminding us about his death.

Pack twenty:

94 - Harry & George Wright (Innovators)
91 - Fritz & Louis Rueckheim, Henry Eckstein (Cracker Jack)
75 - Henry Chadwick (Father of Baseball)
57 - Albert G. Spalding mini (Sporting Goods)
19 - Andrew McCutchen (Indianapolis)
66 - Jim Rice (Pawtucket)
Innovators and Cracker Jacks, I don't care if this is the last pack. The last card is probably the most interesting of the pack, Jim Rice. He looked like he had a chip on his shoulder even in the minors.

Well, there you have it. A full box break of 2009 TriStar Obak. Overall, I'm impressed. Sets lie this always sound like a good idea, until you actually see the product in hand. Some of the cards looked better than others. The older subjects tended to look worse, but I'm thinking that it had to do with the quality of photos available than any other factor.

I got pretty much everything on my list, so I don't have to go searching too much on eBay for singles. That's great because I could not find a Hoy card to save my life. For me, it was worth the wait. I'd like to thank my parents for finding a product that I couldn't. This was an awesome birthday gift!

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austin rivers said...

Jason Heyward looks like the real deal, and the Braves might have the next superstar on their hands. I read that the reason he dropped so far in the 2007 MLB Draft was because he got pitched around throughout high school and scouts couldnt get a good look at him.

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