Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 Obak Box Break: Packs 1-5

I'll do this box break of 2009 TriStar Obak in four parts featuring five packs in each part. I will show one scan per pack. It will either be something on my own personal collecting list, a hit, or just something that looks cool, in my opinion.

Without any further delay... the first five packs.

Pack one:

11 - Lars Anderson (Portland)
113 - Charles Schmutz (Tacoma, N.W.L.)
33 - Monty Stratton mini (Sherman)
46 - Spencer Harris (Minneapolis)
34 - Satchel Paige (Miami)
6 - Brian Matusz (Frederick)
Not too bad for the first pack. I got a Stratton mini that was on my list. The Schmutz and Paige cards were pretty awesome too!

Pack two:

3 - BJ Hermsen (GCL Twins)
2 - Robbie Grossman (West Virginia)
59 - Gary Redus (Waterbury)
42 - Jim Rice mini (Pawtucket)
98 - Vincent "Bo" Jackson (Memphis)
96 - Sammy Baugh (Rochester)
Two cards that were on my list, Redus and Jackson. The Rice mini was pretty cool. A couple of current players too.

Pack three:

86 - Jack Norworth (Songwriter)
95 - Wrigley (Industrialist)
58 - Ron Necciai green parallel (Bristol, APPY) (24/25)
63 - Dinesh Kumar & Rinku Singh mini (GCL Pirates)
93 - Albert G. Spalding (Sporting Goods)
82 - William "Dummy" Hoy (Oshkosh)
I finally got my Hoy! I also got a pack filled with people behind the scenes.

Pack four:

79 - Bud "John W. Jackson" Fowler (Keokuk)
67 - Phil Rizzuto (Kansas City)
49 - Bud "John W. Jackson" Fowler mini (Keokuk)
61 - Steve Bilko (Los Angeles)
37 - Nolan Ryan (Jacksonville)
9 - Dayan Viciedo (Birmingham)
I seem to be getting something from my want list with each pack. I'm sure that will stop soon, but it's pretty cool. The streak continues with Viciedo. The Ryan looks great too!

Pack five:

55 - Vince Coleman (Macon)
40 - Duke Snider (Fort Worth)
10 - Michael Ynoa black parallel (AZL Athletics) (14/50)
26 - Duke Snider mini (Fort Worth)
68 - Herb Score (Indianapolis)
56 - Bob Crues (Amarillo)
The White Sox related streak continues with Herb Score! This is the second pack in which I got both the regular and mini card of the same person.

More to come.

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capewood said...

I really like these Obak cards. I bought 4 packs in Target when I saw them. I never saw them there again. I wish I had bought their entire supply.

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