Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Heavenly Surprise

Much like this Carlos Quentin card depicts, I felt like I was backed up against the wall last week. This week is so much better. Like Carlos, I came out of a potentially bad situation and wound up with the ball in my glove.

A few packages helped to elevate my mood last week. One I already wrote about a few days ago. Today, I'll write about the second, which came with no warning.

This unexpected package came from Mario at Wax Heaven. Mario doesn't need any publicity from me. He's already one of the most widely read card blogs out there. Instead, I want to give thanks.

Mario was one of the first bloggers to contact me, when I started this juggernaut in 2007. We formed a friendship over Jose Canseco, before he was Wax Heaven. A further bond was created over Carlos Quentin, who Mario thinks will be the next Canseco. I can see exactly what he means. I'm just hoping that Carlos takes everything that was good about Jose and leaves out the flaws that had his only playing option be the Newark Bears.

Out of this package, there were plenty of 2009 cards and a really cool 1997 card. Of course, there was an abundant amount of Carlos Quentin cards. Let's see what exactly Mario sent over.

1997 EX2000

14 – Ray Durham 006/299

2009 Bowman

108 – Jermaine Dye

121 – Mark Buehrle

127 – Paul Konerko

169 – Carlos Quentin

173 – A.J. Pierzynski

2009 Finest

90 – Carlos Quentin

109 – Gavin Floyd

124 – Jim Thome

149 – Jason Bourgeois

2009 Finest Refractor

109 – Gavin Floyd

2009 Goudey

48 – Jim Thome

47 – Nick Swisher

49 – Jermaine Dye

50 – Alexei Ramirez

51 – Carlos Quentin

2009 Spectrum

24 – Jim Thome

2009 Topps

70 – Jermaine Dye

149 – Juan Uribe

154 – A.J. Pierzynski

306 – Javier Vazquez

337 – Bobby Jenks (2)

365 – Mark Buehrle

375 – Carlos Quentin

488 – Ozzie Guillen

506 – Paul Konerko

516 – Brian Anderson

548 – John Danks

577 – Jose Contreras

585 – Alexei Ramirez

625 – Jim Thome

2009 Topps Heritage

150 – John Danks

240 – Orlando Cabrera

360 – Gavin Floyd

365 – Carlos Quentin

2009 Topps Toppstown

TTT19 – Carlos Quentin

2009 Topps Turkey

TR12 – Jermaine Dye

2009 Upper Deck

80 – Jermaine Dye (2)

83 – Joe Crede (2)

87 – Mark Buehrle

88 – Bobby Jenks

90 – A.J. Pierzynski

493 – Carlos Quentin CL

580 – Jerry Owens

582 – John Danks

583 – Carlos Quentin

584 – D.J. Carrasco

587 – Brent Lillibridge

592 – Bobby Jenks

Wow! Thanks, Mario! This package came out of left field and it couldn't have come at a better time. That's certainly a bunch of 2009 cards. I'll have to make a separate post about the Ray Durham card. There's something that I noticed on it that deserves its own post.


Andy said...

Come can't tease us like that....what happened last week?

White Sox Cards said...

Tense times involving financial difficulties and wedding postponement shortly after my moratorium post.

Andy said...

Geez, sorry to hear that. Money is tight everywhere, it seems.

Wax Heaven said...

Glad you liked the cards. It took a little while but I always had you in mind for the White Sox stuff.

White Sox Cards said...

I appreciate that, Mario. Thanks again!

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