Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Allen & Ginter

Hey, kids! What time is it? That's right! It's Allen & Ginter time!

Yes, it's that time of year again, where everyone goes crazy for this release, and why not? It's one of the most gorgeous vintage mocking sets out there today. It manages to change drastically without changing much at all.

An intricate lined frame and a "painted" picture on thin, sturdy card stock. I'm not sure why, but this set always strikes the right balance with me. Vintage looking sets that ape actual vintage sets have been the rage for over a decade now, but Allen & Ginter keeps chugging along producing a quality product that is both fun to collect and admire. There are so many distinct bells and whistles exclusive to this set that it always manages to surprise and please.

There are the usual array of mini parallels and some short prints. There are also the relics and the autos. There are the subsets that range from the sublime to the weird and everything in between. The yearly code contest and the extras may draw collectors in initially, but the quality of the product keeps them coming back.

The White Sox have seven cards in the base set.

47 - Robin Ventura 

69 - Jake Peavy 

214 - Alexei Ramirez

237 - Chris Sale 

251 - Frank Thomas 

264 - Adam Dunn 

308 - Alex Rios (short print

A manager, a retired franchise player and two players with huge contracts that were traded away this summer. Not too shabby. That leaves one player that won't last past 2014, if not sooner, one player who is likely trade bait and a pitcher that the White Sox want to build around. I have a feeling that the selection for the 2014 Allen & Ginter White Sox team will be drastically different.
ATY-CS - Chris Sale 

ATY-FT - Frank Thomas 

New to Allen & Ginter this year is the subset Across The Years. It mentions events and other celebrities and athletes who were born on the subjects birthday.

Another solid Allen & Ginter set from Topps. This is definitely one set I look forward to all year.

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