Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Panini Diamond Kings National Convention

There were lots of goodies at the 2013 National Convention, but I wasn't able to attend this year. That doesn't stop me from checking out the free stuff though!

Panini had a wrapper redemption set that had thirteen cards, based on Diamond Kings from Donruss.

The pictures on the front are reminiscent of the old Donruss sets. The design is slightly too, but it reminds me of old Panini sticker designs as well. The cards look simple and sharp with understated golden borders and uncomplicated lettering. The real gem is the painting in the middle of the card. It draws the eye and is clearly the main focus, where it should be. The central circle gives you a peek into a beautiful world of baseball action, swirled paint and no team affiliation.

The White Sox have four cards in this set.

1 - Ken Griffey Jr. 

2 - Carlton Fisk 

3 - Courtney Hawkins 

4 - Chris Sale 

 Some debate the inclusion of Ken Griffey Jr. in this set, since there are no team logos. To those naysayers, I say the proof is in the numbers. Griffey only wore number seventeen as a member of the Chicago White Sox. The number on Griffey's back is number seventeen. Case closed.

I like the mix of Hall of Fame players, young stars and pre-rookies. Chris Sale is a player to build the future on, Courtney Hawkins is part of that future, Fisk and Griffey are parts of successful years where the Sox made it into the postseason and fan favorites to boot.

Not bad, Panini. Not bad.

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