Thursday, March 27, 2014

Something For Your Wall

 For a very limited time (available only until March 31, 2014), Topps is offering various prints, using a design for a 1967 test sticker set. The effect is simple and striking. Floating heads on a background of red, white and blue. There are twenty prints in the set. It will only cost you $49.99 for each print or $900 for the set. That's a savings of slightly more than one hundred dollars. Not too shabby.

It would be an outrageous price for cards, but these are art. Measuring 11x17 inches, these are meant to be displayed on the wall, not in your albums. It would go perfectly in my office, but the price seems more a luxury than a must have, although it does look nice.

If I had $50 to spare, I might consider the lone White Sox player in the set, Luis Aparicio. Or I might consider another, that is in my player collection, Carlton Fisk, featuring a young floating head in a Boston Red Sox helmet.
This is something definitely interesting coming from Topps. While I'm not sure it's a product I would necessarily want, I like the direction this art is going.

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