Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WSC All-Stars: Al Simmons 1935

Card #5 - Al Simmons

For the third straight year, Al started in center field in the All-Star game representing the Chicago White Sox for the American League All-Stars. This time the summer classic was held in Cleveland, Ohio at Municipal Stadium.

Simmons would go two for four at the plate, striking out in the second off of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bill Walker. He would single to third base in the fourth, off of New York Giants pitcher Hal Schumacher. Al would get to second base on the throwing error by St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Pepper Martin to New York Giants first baseman Bill Terry. Simmons would strike out again in the sixth, off of Schumacher. Al doubled off of St. Louis pitcher Dizzy Dean in the eighth, but would be out at third base on a fielder's choice. Simmons would be replaced in the ninth by Philadelphia Athletics outfielder Doc Cramer.

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