Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1914 T216 People's Tobacco (Mino Cigarettes Back)

Nothing beats the feel of a vintage card, especially one that is a century old. Many tobacco issues look very similar. That is the one drawback regarding most tobacco cards. Varying designs wasn't something that popped up until much later. Sure, there were always exceptions, but the majority were plain and simple. I think that is part of the appeal. There is a simplicity of days long ago trapped in the design of each tobacco card. It's an assurance of instant nostalgia. Even if most of us were not even born yet, these are designs that are engrained into our collective minds.

People's Tobacco put out a set with three different backs. The Mino Cigarettes featured here, Virginia Extra Cigarettes and Kotton Cigarettes. The checklist is the same for all three backs.

The White Sox have three cards in the set.

Eddie Collins (Chicago)
Ray Demmitt
Patsy Dougherty

The most interesting player in the set is Ray Demmitt. It's not because Demmitt had a great career, but because Collins and Dougherty are heavily featured on cardboard in a White Sox uniform. Ray Demmitt only played in 155 games for the Pale Hose, 146 of those games were in 1914. The remaining nine games were in 1915. Ray started with the Highlanders and went on to the Browns and the Tigers. While Demmitt has other cards, most will feature him with St. Louis.

These do remind me of other lesser tobacco releases of the era and that's not a bad thing.

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