Saturday, January 18, 2014

1953 Bowman Color

There is nothing that should jump out and grab your attention about this set. It is simplistic in nature and somewhat muted in palette. The mostly posed photographs almost scream nostalgia. I am not certain if the effect is created by the cards themselves or the length of time the set has been in our consciousness. this set is almost a marquee-less answer to 1952 Topps. Unobstructed by names, team logos and star lined boxes, the focus is ultimately drawn to the photograph itself on each card.

Other Bowman releases in the fifties may have more notoriety, but not many match a set which rivals the look of tobacco releases but uses a larger canvas with better photography (in most cases) and manages to improve on previous Bowman releases by showcasing the subject and leaving the information squarely on the back of the card.

The White Sox have eleven cards in the set.

18 - Nelson Fox
36 - Minnie Minoso
39 - Paul Richards
50 - Lou Kretlow
54 - Chico Carrasquel
73 - Billy Pierce
75 - Saul Rogovin
88 - Joe Dobson
98 - Hector Rodriguez
137 - Sam Dente
157 - Sherman Lollar

From Paul Richards stoic dugout pose to Minnie Minoso's cuddly pose to Hector Rodriguez and Nellie Fox joyfully posing in mid throw, this set has personality and things not normally seen in competitor Topps' head shots. While this doesn't necessarily capture realistic action like witnessed on recent cards, this is closer than a set shown from the neck up.

With the exceptions of Fox and Minoso, most of these cards can be picked up for a song, if you are patient enough.

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Phillip Erwin said...

This has been voted 1st in some polls of best set - at least among veteran collectors. It is one of my favorite designs, with the lack of printing clutter a real plus. Comparable later sets are the '80s Topps send-away glossies, with excellent color photos and only the player's name in tiny type. In top condition these '53s are not inexpensive, and the high numbers - Dente and Lollar - are costly if Ex-Mt or better. -Phil Erwin

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