Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Congrats Frank!

Congratulations on your election to the Hall of Fame. While some may have doubted that you would be a first time entry, no one could deny that you belonged there. I was one of the faithful that had a feeling you would get elected on your first try.

I've been following your career from the "don't believe the hype" motto that was instilled in you early in your career through your contributions to a world championship season and beyond. Careers have ups and downs and highs and lows. White Sox fans have been with you the entire way.

I am proud that you were my first WSC Hall of Fame member, voted on by the readers, and now I am proud that you are a member of Cooperstown.

Thank you for the thrills. Thank you for staying in Chicago for the majority of your career. It was an honor to watch you play.


GOGOSOX60 said...

very very excited as a HUGE Big Frank fan!!

Hackenbush said...

I'm a Cubs fan but I was glad to see the Big Hurt get in. 521 Home Runs is a big accomplishment when you do it honestly.

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