Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Mail Part Three: Emerald City Diamond Gems

The best card packages are the unexpected ones or the ones that slipped your mind. Inside a funny Christmas themed card with Blitzen the reindeer flying on a commercial airplane after calling in sick, there were ten cards ranging from 1959 to 2003, with most falling between 1959 and 1977.

That's definitely my kind of Christmas card! The contents inside the card were pretty great too! I have to definitely give a shout out of thanks to Larry of Emerald City Diamond Gems for sending these along.

But before the Christmas cheer was known, I had just seen the mail carrier place our mail in the box, after our dog had alerted us to the postal workers presence. Thirty seconds later, I brought the mail inside and started to sort it. A community college course catalog, a few bills, an Entertainment Weekly and then I saw this.
One of my fears about sending baseball cards through the mail had finally come true. The ripped open package.
Amazingly, there were cards inside! I have no idea if all the cards made it through, but ten managed to survive, even with the side of the envelope ripped open from end to end.
There was no attempt to cover it up, which leads me to assume that the contents of the envelope were too bulky and troublesome for the mail sorting machine. The Christmas card was a bit wrinkled, but no worse for wear. There was slight damage to each card, but the 1960 Topps card of Ed Hobaugh seemed to obtain the worst of it, with a corner partially mangled. A close second was the Konerko that split on a corner, separating the front from the back a little bit. Surprisingly, the most pristine looking card is the 1972 Topps Jay Johnstone.

Regardless of how the cards survived, I am grateful that vintage cards made it this far, considering the bizarre set of circumstances. I am thankful for the generous nature and great thought that Larry had when sending these to me. Out of all my years of trading, this is one of the very few mishaps that has happened through the mail. That ratio alone gives me hope and demonstrates everything that I am thankful for throughout the year.

Thanks, Larry! The cards are great and the journey has been inspirational.


Mariner1 said...

Sorry about that. I guess I put too many cards in there. I'm just glad they still made it to you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

White Sox Cards said...

No problem. I'm just amazed that they were all still in there. :-) Merry Christmas back to you and yours.

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