Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This May Be The Best Card I've Unlocked

I was at Target picking up a few supplies this morning. Lo and behold, a pack of Topps Updates slipped into my order. Whoopsie-daisy! When I got home and entered the code card that I had found, I was expecting to see a 2006 card of Rob Mackowiak. Instead, I see a 1964 card of Grover Powell.

Not being a die hard fan of the Metropolitans, I don't remember hearing the name Grover Powell. There's a good reason. He made his MLB debut with the Mets on July 13, 1963. He appeared in 20 games between then and September 29, 1963, which was his final MLB game. He spent 1964 through 1970 in the minors and died in 1985. In fact this was the only Topps card of Grover Powell, not including the 1964 Venezuelan counterpart. In fact, he only has five cards in the Beckett database. Three of which were issued after his playing career had ended in 1970. One of which was issued after his death.

With these parameters in play, I think it's awfully lucky that I got this card. This may truly be one in a million.


Anonymous said...

Nice pull. I'm new to the "vintage" cards, but working on collecting the '69 Topps set. I think the stories behind the cards is what makes collecting interesting. Thanks for sharing Grover Powell's story.

White Sox Cards said...

The '69 set is a great starting set for vintage collectors. It's a very underrated set with a lot of aging stars of the 60s and budding stars of the 70s. I only go after vintage team sets, but I would imagine putting together the '69 set is a lot of fun! A few years ago, I completed the White Sox set for '68 Topps and the best part of the complete set was the journey each card took to get into the collection.

Good luck with completing the '69 set! I'll keep my eyes peeled for any '69 doubles I may have.

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