Sunday, December 19, 2010

WSC Vintage: Walt Dropo

Card #29 - Walt Dropo

Walt was selected in the ninth round of the 1946 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. He turned that down, to find that he was selected in the first round (fourth pick) by the BAA, which would turn into the NBA in 1949. Dropo turned that offer down too.

His heart belonged to baseball. Walt rejected those offers to sign as an amateur free agent with the Boston Red Sox in 1947. After stints with the Red Sox and Tigers, he was traded to the White Sox in December 1954.

Dropo was with the White Sox from 1955 until June 1958. His best seasons were behind him before he landed in Chicago, but the first baseman still could pack a punch at the plate and maintained an average in the mid-200 range. Despite the dip in production, Moose could still hold his own, which is evident to any fan who saw the 6'5", 220 pound Dropo during an on-field brawl.

In June 1958, Walt was picked up on waivers by Cincinnati. He was traded almost a year to the day later to the Baltimore Orioles, where he played until released in May 1961.

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