Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Top Of Topps White Sox: 2001 - 2010

Sorry about the lateness of this final edition. The last decade of cards are so fresh that it makes it more difficult to choose a representative for each year.

2001 - Ray Durham
Stop! In the name of love!

2002 - White Sox Team
Nothing stands out from this set more than the team photo.

2003 - Frank Thomas
A sweet swing and a sweet smile!

2003 - Joe Crede
Crouched and in position for some stellar defense!

2005 - Willie Harris
Team 4! The little things made this team special and is on display on this card.

2006 - Ozzie Guillen
The mouth of the South Side has the floor. Remember to project your voice, Ozzie!

2007 - Ryan Sweeney
Because sometimes you just gotta use the bat as a fashion accessory.

2008 - Mark Buehrle
Captured for posterity, in between no-hitters.

2009 - Jim Thome
This may be the greatest card of the entire set.

2010 - Gordon Beckham
The aura of Bacon trumps all.

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Johngy said...

Very nicely selected and documented.

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