Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Laugh I've Had All Day

In case the picture turns out to be too small when clicked, let's review what someone is willing to trade for a 1952 Mickey Mantle card.

1971 - Clarence Gaston
1976 - Bobby Valentine
2005 - Carl Pavano
2006 - Brandon Webb
2002 - Mark Grace
1968 - Jack Fisher
1972 - Elrod Hendricks
1989 - Kirby Puckett
1972 - Ted Ford
1986 - Fred Lynn
1972 - Lee Richard
2002 - Glendon Rusch
2001 - Ivan Rodriguez

That's thirteen cards! The person holding the 52 Mantle in their Topps account will be overwhelmed by the generosity of the person offering the thirteen cards (from between 1968 and 2006) and be starstruck by the numerous superstar names, that the Mantle holder will automatically hit the trade button because they will be getting such a wonderful deal.

Or that's what the person offering the embarrassment of vintage commons and overproduced stars is hoping will happen.

Oh, wait. A couple of those vintage commons became successful managers. Well that changes everything.

Good luck with that one buddy.


Anonymous said...

It's the 2002 Glendon Rusch that seals the deal!

When that card was made, his career ERA was exactly 5.00. I mean, that's gotta be worth part of the Mick. And he was a Met, too! You know, New York...NEW YORK!

Why in the hell didn't the guy just get the 52 Mantle shipped RIGHT AWAY!

night owl said...

I don't think the offer really matters. The only question is the one asked by smed already: What the hell is that card still doing in a portfolio?

White Sox Cards said...

It's GOTTA be the New York connection. LOL

That's probably the most perplexing part. Why is it still in the portfolio? And I thought I had laughers with late 80s cards being offered for early 70s. Maybe the owner just wants to taunt people.

Fuji said...

Holy smokes... someone actually won a Mantle in the MCG. Lucky bastard.

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