Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Secret Ballot Reveals

Some of you have noticed some odd random polls on the sidebar the last few months. Some of you have also voted in those polls. I can go no further in my line of questioning because I have hit a dead end.

Voted on entirely by the readers, the end result of this random poll reveals that the 1983 Topps #698 Tony Bernazard is your favorite White Sox card of the eighties.
It features everything that the readers have voted for in an eighties card. The favorite brand base card was Topps. The favorite design was 1983. The preferred card feature was game action. The favorite game action was fielding. This is the only card that fits all the criteria.

Thank you for taking part in this scientific study.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that this was not the card I was thinking of. That was pretty cool how that all worked out though.

night owl said...

What have we done???

Nah, really you can't go wrong with any '83 baseball card. But I would have preferred Mike Norris.

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