Tuesday, February 19, 2008

#59 - John Snyder

Number 59 is John Snyder. Is that right? I'm afraid so. Before you get out the pitchforks, let me explain. Not many players have worn number 59. It's the simple logistics of it all. I told you some numbers past 50 would be real slim pickings.

There is an upside though. John had his best season with the White Sox in his rookie year, 1998. He was 7-2 as a starter with a 4.80 ERA. That's a pretty decent record despite the high ERA.

John's final year with the White Sox was not as impressive as his first. In 1999, he was 9-12 with a 6.68 ERA. Not the kind of numbers that keep you on the staff, unless your name is Jaime Navarro.

How did John get to the White Sox? He was part of the deal that traded away Jim Abbott back to the California Angels. Bill Simas, McKay Christensen and Andrew Lorraine came with him to the White Sox in 1995.

How did John leave? He was traded to the Brewers along with Jaime Navarro for Jose Valentin and Cal Eldred. John had a 3-10 record for the Brew Crew in 2000. That was the last year he was in the major leagues. His best years were with the White Sox. That's always something to be proud of.

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