Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trading With Cincy Reds Cards

Without further ado, I present the details of the White Sox (fan) trading with the Reds (fan). Details of what the Reds (fan) got can be found here and here, respectively.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I got my cards. I understand that Joe from Cincy Reds Cards is away a lot because of his job, so I wasn't discouraged by the wait. It seemd like an eternity because of the antici... pation of the coolness of the cards that I would be getting. I was not disappointed!

The postman rang twice on Saturday. First, he delivered our regular mail. We brought that in and sorted through it. Then we heard the doorbell ring. It was a small box. I was very perplexed. I wasn't expecting anything in a box, yet. I was expecting a hobby box of Topps Heritage, but it was too early for that. Besides, the package wouldn't quite fit a hobby box of cards, unless you had your own Szalinski shrink ray. That is highly doubtful.

As soon as I saw the return address, I knew this would be a package for the ages. I was not let down. I opened that bad boy up and found treasures beyond my belief. I had forgotten exactly what I had traded for, so it hit me like a complete surprise. Let's find out what I got, shall we?

2002 Topps Gold Label: Gold Class 1
16 - Carlos Lee 266/500
40 - Magglio Ordonez 191/500
81 - Frank Thomas 171/500
121 - Paul Konerko 449/500

2003 Upper Deck MVP Sports Nut
#SN71 - Mark Buehrle

2005 Topps Chrome
26 - Shingo Takatsu
75 - Frank Thomas
82 - Joe Crede
107 - Mark Buehrle
121 - Jose Valentin
174 - Paul Konerko
180 - Carlos Lee
186 - Juan Uribe

2006 Topps Chrome
5 - Tadahito Iguchi
15 - Jon Garland
42 - Mark Buehrle
82 - A.J. Pierzynski
112 - Freddy Garcia
116 - Jim Thome
236 - Paul Konerko
250 - Javier Vazquez
251 - Jose Contreras
306 - Brian Anderson

I am truly impressed! A bunch of nice, shiny cards and an oddball insert Buehrle. The pride and joy of the package has to be the Topps Gold Label cards. Wow! Here is something I didn't know ever existed. Now I have four of them, all limited to 500. Very cool!

Thank you Joe! I love my new cards! I hope you are as happy with our trade as I am. This was an awesome package in the mail. Thank you again!


Bay Rat North West said...

For the Gold Label that is the White Sox team set. There are 2 other parallels Class2 - Platinum / 250 and Class 3 Titanium / 100 and the base set. Glad you liked the cards and let me know when you have some more Reds extras or doubles for trade. I will find something.

White Sox Cards said...

I didn't even realize that was the full team set. It's been a busy weekend and I haven't been able to catalogue the cards yet. That's awesome! Thanks for the additional info. I'll get together another package for you soon.

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