Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#60 - Rocky Biddle

Lee Francis Biddle has done something that Scott Schoeneweis and Dewon Day could not do. That is be the best number 60 on the White Sox. Dewon did not fare well in his limited time. Scott showed nothing of his former self, while on the White Sox. So, it all rests on Rocky Biddle.

Not that Rocky fared too well himself. He pitched from 200-2002 for the White Sox. He never had a winning season in his career. He never had a MLB ERA under 4.00. But Rocky had something else that Scott and Dewon never had with the Sox, potential.

Rocky was full of potential. He also had the occasional flash of brilliance, but the potential was mostly unrealized. He did help the Sox out in one regard, his exit. Rocky was one of the key pieces in a trade to Montreal to get Bartolo Colon. Bartolo may have had an off year with the White Sox, but the name value alone is enough to put Rocky over the top. I'm not sure, but I think I made two Sylvester Stallone references in the last sentence. That's scary.

Rocky fared a little better in Montreal. The Expos turned him into a closer. He did have 34 saves for them in 2003. The best that I can tell is that he was released by the Nationals before their move to DC. Will someone knock Rocky out of this number? Only time will tell.

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