Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whose Card Is It? January Contest Winner

My name was picked out of the hat of potential winners for last month at Whose Card Is It?

Yes, that was me. I admit it. I have absolutely no life right now. All I do is enter contests at various baseball card sites. It's a sad existence, I know, but somehow I manage.

My luck was with the draw on whatever night my name was pulled out of the hat. So, what was in the prize package that arrived yesterday afternoon in the mail? A bunch of White Sox cards! Does my reputation precede me? Have I become predictable in wanting White Sox cards? I sure hope so.

First off, I got three fairly decent sized White Sox logo stickers. Not the ones from Fleer, the ones that were sold in the store in the early 90's that have just the letter logo with the sticker cut out in the same shape. I had a couple when I was a teenager, but I think they were used on folders for school.

There were two oversized sleeves that can hold a small stack each. There were a cornucopia of early 90's White Sox cards and a few from the surrounding years. There was a whole lot of Robin Ventura, and a mixture of Harold Baines, Carlton Fisk, Ozzie Guillen, Sammy Sosa, Bobby Thigpen, Roberto Hernandez, Greg Walker, Bo Jackson, Chris Sabo and a few others along with a multi-prospects card. There were quite a few that I didn't have surprisingly.

There were a lot of memories in those two stacks of cards. Thank you for sending those out, Jeff! I was looking for something good in the mail today and that fit perfectly! If you haven't checked it out, check out Whose Card Is It? right away!

Start figuring out those cards and you could get FREE STUFF in a monthly drawing! It's fun too. Plus, it's usually pretty easy if you've got a huge stack of cards like most of us do. Even if you don't, most of them can be figured out with very little sleuthing. All teams are game, so are all cards. And you can win, I'm living proof!

Thanks Jeff! The White Sox cards were very appreciated!

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On Base Autos said...

Just glad there were some you could use.

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