Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One For Wax Heaven

While doing my usual random searching this morning, I ran across a site devoted to Jose Canseco. There are pictures, video and audio for every phase of his career. There are even Expos photos!

The most interesting thing for me was a video of Jose hitting a home run with the White Sox. The image to the left is from that home run. It was off Charles Nagy on July 26, 2001. By the road uniform, it was obviously in Cleveland. It's only an ESPN highlight, but it works. You can't hear Hawk Harrelson's home run call because it's not a White Sox local broadcast. Still, you can put it on the board.

If you like any of the teams Jose has been on, or you yourself are a Jose Canseco fan, is worth checking out. Even if you're just a baseball fan, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It surprising to see the many different teammates that Jose has had over the course of his playing days. I think I spotted him stretching with Lance Johnson on the Expos! Lance, I never knew you sunk that low. At least it looked like Lance Johnson.


Wax Heaven said...

Thanks, Steve.
The owner of that site has not kept up with it in close to three years. What a sellout. It use to be a great site back in the day, are better off checking out my blog for occasional Canseco news.

White Sox Cards said...

I was just surprised to see so many photos and video clips. It's the first time that I ran into the site.

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