Friday, February 15, 2008

The Joy Of Spring

I received an e-mail from Jon from The Fleer Sticker Project this afternoon. He thought I could use this site as a primer for Spring Training. Boy, was he right!

The picture I chose to represent the photos on that site is one of Bill Veeck during Spring Training of 1977. Yes, that's Bill, complete with famous wooden leg. This site is a plethora of images from both sides of Chicago baseball from 1937 until 2007. Yes, both White Sox and Cubs images stretching from California to Florida to Arizona.

The Cubs have already started in Arizona and the White Sox start tomorrow. I can't wait! This has been a long, cold winter. I need baseball back in my life full time. I don't mean talking about baseball every day. No, there's something missing. The games. It's not full time until there are games. Not just any games. Games that count.

This will get me in the mood for tomorrow's reporting. The wait is almost over. It's been too long and I need the regular season to start. Tomorrow White Sox fans will get that much closer.

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