Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy News In Beckett

While suffering through yet another Yankees Beckett cover, I decided to read about the Yankee insert set. I'm glad I did. I found tentative dates for Upper Deck product throughout the year!

Keep in mind these are all target release dates which are subject to change, but they made me happy to see.

Spectrum - April 16
I liked the set last year. It was one of my first hobby boxes. I hope Upper Deck can improve from last year's set.

A Piece Of History - late April
I have no clue, but it sounds interesting. It was originally scheduled for February 5, 2008 and has no information on its Upper Deck page.

SPx - late May
Last year's set was unique.

SP Legendary Cuts - early June
One of my favorite releases! I hope they have a design we can all see this year.

Upper Deck Series Two - mid June
This sounds about right for the release.

SP Authentic - late June
Can they jazz up the base release this year? Let's hope so. 2007's set was a bit boring.

UDx - mid July
Huh? OK...

UD Masterpieces - mid October
YES! I loved this set! I'm so glad they are continuing it!

Granted, these are releases in which the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards will be seeded into. I'm not happy about that. Especially when some of these releases only have 4 cards typically. I don't want to pay for a crappy insert. But I am psyched! Lots of good releases to look forward to!

I know it's the final year of Yankee Stadium, but enough already with the Yankee covers. Both Beckett Baseball and Beckett Baseball Plus have them right now. I was happy to see a 1973 Goose Gossage Topps card in the upper right hand corner on the cover of the Plus magazine, but no article about Goose to be found inside. Maybe I missed it?

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