Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trading With Squeeze Play Cards

Earlier in the year, I was contacted by Joey of Squeeze Play Cards about the Revco card of Harold Baines. I had made a comment that I had never run across it. So, shortly after, I received an e-mail asking me if I'd like to trade for it. Let me think about that for a sec... YEAH!

Schedules got in the way and, in time, we had both forgot about it. I went through my old e-mails trying to decide what I needed to hang on to and what to delete. I ran across the e-mail from Joey. I e-mailed him back to see if the trade was still on and what he was looking for specifically, since I never got a reply back.

Joey apologized for forgetting about it (I did too for awhile, truthfully) and he quickly sent me a want list. I saw two cards on his Turkey Red list that I had, so I sent a quick reply. Before I knew it, the trade was accepted and addresses were exchanged.

Yesterday, I finally got the Baines in the mail. To be fair, only a few days had passed since the trade was agreed upon. Joey, if you haven't already received your two Turkey Reds, they should be arriving shortly. I sent them out on the day we agreed on the trade.

I am very happy with this trade! I got a Baines that I didn't know existed before this year and Joey is two cards closer to completion of his Turkey Red set. Everybody wins!

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