Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tom Seaver's 300th Win

Sunday, August 4, 1985. Tom seaver pitched a complete game to notch his 300th career win. Tom Terrific was losing 1-0 until an offensive burst in the sixth inning by his teammates resulted in 4 runs. He held off the Yankees for four more half innings to secure his victory and ensure his enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

Tom gave up only 6 hits and one walk, while striking out 7. This would be one of Tom Terrific's last hurrahs. His career would last for another year and some change, but this would be the last major milestone in an amazing career.

After his 300th win, Tom would finish his career 11-16. He would move on to the Boston Red Sox in the middle of 1986. As much as it looks bad that the White Sox would trade Tom Seaver for Steve Lyons, Tom started off 1986 with a 2-6 record. I can see why the White Sox traded him. Tom still had a wonderful reputation and his trade value would be high for name recognition alone.

Of course, this was just icing on the cake for his 1992 election to the Hall of Fame. Tom holds the record for highest voting percentage in the baseball Hall of Fame history at 98.84%. That's even higher than Nolan Ryan at 98.79%.

The Mets had left Tom off their protected list at the end of the 1983 season. Could this be because of his 9-14 record with his New York homecoming? Possibly. They didn't expect anyone to take Tom. The White Sox were shrewd enough to take advantage of the situation. Tom rebounded with two winning seasons with the Sox, topping it all off with his 300th win.

By 1986, it was clear that Tom was no longer as effective as he used to be. Instead of trying to stick with a bottom rung team, Tom hung up his glove and awaited the call from the Hall. I think it was a wise choice. If he had dragged his career out any further, he may have risked votes.

The mid 80's were not kind to the White Sox, but there were highlights and fond memories. Quite possibly the fondest memory of 1985 was a milestone win from a Hall of Fame pitcher.


Bart McClaughry said...

I keep waiting for your 300th post.Then some how I missed it. Then I backed up a few days and found it. Anyway congratulations on your 300th post. You are the Tom Seaver of bloggers.

hardcle said...

I remember that game. It was scheduled to be shown on Sportsvision/Sportschannel, but they moved it to channel 32 because of the historic nature of the game. I saw the last out on youtube recently, but I can't seem to find it now.

As for the trade, my recollection is that Seaver was asking to be traded to an east coast team so he could be closer to his family. The Sox decided to accommodate him. Not a bad deal, as we got more out of Psycho than we ever would have from Seaver.

Steve Gierman said...

Thanks Bart. If I am Tom Seaver, you are surely Fisk.

Hardcle, I didn't really remember the reasoning behind the decision. I was almost 10 years old when they traded Seaver. All I remember is that he got off to a poor start, so I thought that's why they traded him. That scenario, sounds like it would be closer to the truth though. Thanks for the additional info.

Anonymous said...

The game is now being showed on the MLB network. There is great commentary by Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson, The late Don Drisdale, and also the late Howard Cosell. What a great day for the White Sox and the Seaver family.

Linda Carry said...

Tom Seaver #41 "TOM TERRIFIC" ~ passed Monday August 31, 2020. Age 75 from Lewy body dementia and COVID19. One of the great pitchers, spanning years 1967-1986 and struck out 3,640 batters! His 300th win, while playing with Chicago White Sox, appropriately in New York.
The Met's " MR. FRANCHISE !"
Rest in peace my friend

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