Thursday, February 28, 2008

1959 Topps

In the spirit of the 2008 Topps Heritage release, let's review the set that inspired it. I haven't gotten my pre-order box of Topps Heritage yet, so I'm hoping today will be the day.

1959 is one of my all-time favorite sets. There's just something about it that sets the right mood with me. This set gets everything right in my book. From the use of circles throughout the set to the one color framing, everything just seems to fit nicely. The set is pleasing to the eye. The color combinations compliment each other very well. It's just a great all around set.

The White Sox have 38 cards in the set where a player is featured.

5 - Dick Donovan
22 - Al Smith
30 - Nellie Fox
73 - Ron Jackson
86 - Bob Keegan
94 - White Sox Team
103 - Billy Goodman
114 - Earl Battey
119 - John Callison
138 - John Romano
156 - Ace Hurlers (Billy Pierce)
159 - Bob Shaw
179 - Don Rudolph
187 - Bubba Phillips
213 - Jim Rivera
252 - Ray Boone
260 - Early Wynn
277 - Turk Lown
293 - Ray Moore
310 - Luis Aparicio
328 - Lou Skizas
341 - Tom Qualters
351 - Earl Torgeson
368 - Don Mueller
385 - Sherm Lollar
408 - Keystone Combo (Luis Aparicio, Nellie Fox)
410 - Billy Pierce
426 - Jerry Staley
438 - Sam Esposito
453 - Les Moss
466 - Billy Pierce (Baseball Thrills - All-Star Starter)
477 - Barry Latman
493 - Jim Landis
509 - Norm Cash
537 - Rudolfo Arias
556 - Nellie Fox (All-Star)
560 - Luis Aparicio (All-Star)
572 - Billy Pierce (All-Star)

I have roughly 18.42% of the set done in excellent to near mint condition. That equals out to 7 cards. Not too bad for a set that's both popular and 17 years older than I am. Plus, I just started collecting the 1959 set in 2007.

Collecting vintage cards was not something I was comfortable doing years ago. Mostly because I was a kid. I didn't want the cost or heavy responsibility involved. This time around, I am comfortable with what I collect and how I collect. It was only in the last few years where I decided to focus on a few particular things. Before then, I was all over the map.

This iconic set deserves my full attention and care. I can safely say that I am ready to collect anything now. Once I complete this set, it will be the oldest completed team set in my collection. Take that 1968 Topps! I can't wait!

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