Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2-27-08: Rockies 7 - Sox 3

The first Spring Training game is out of the way. Maybe this is the one that will shake the cobwebs off. The White Sox just lost their 11th consecutive Spring Training game to the Rockies.

The good:
Brian Anderson seemed to actually concentrate on baseball instead of the honeys, as he calls women. The day resulted in spectacular defense, 1 hit and 1 walk.

Non-Roster Invitees Chris Getz, Royce Huffman, Miguel Negron and Brad Eldred excelled at the plate. Jason Bourgeois did well in his appearances too.

Most of the bullpen was outstanding. Bobby Jenks, Boone Logan and Ehren Wassermann threw a combined 3 innings of one hit, no run ball. John Danks, the starter, gave up a home run to Troy Tulowitzki, but looked sharp otherwise.

The bad:
The rest of the bullpen. Dewon Day gave up three earned runs. Andrew Sisco gave up one. Not a good sign for either of these players that are desperately trying to hang on to a job on the roster.

7 runners left in scoring position with 2 out. Not a good start to the year. That definitely needs to be improved.

The ugly:
Three errors! A Josh Fields throwing error and fielding errors by Orlando Cabrera and Royce Huffman. This isn't good even for a Spring Training game.

21 men left on base! That hurts! That's a lot even for a Spring Training game. At least the Sox are getting men on base. Now if they can only work on bringing them home.

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