Thursday, February 7, 2008

Topps Screwed Me Twice Today

This is what Mark Buehrle's 2008 Topps card looks like. It looks like the photographer captured Mark in his Sunday best. A nice card, as are the rest of the White Sox cards in the set. At least from the few that I have seen.

I had to go to a hobby shop to pick up some top loaders today. They had both the 20 card Upper Deck pack release and the 10 card Topps pack release. The Topps jumbos are coming in tomorrow.

I bought two packs of Upper Deck and 4 packs of Topps. I figured 40 cards each would be a great way to start. Well, after trudging through the snow, I got home and started opening the packs. As much as I hate to say it, Upper Deck impressed me a bit more today. I'll get to Upper Deck in another post.

There was not a single White Sox card in the release. I did get a few inserts, but mostly common players. I love Willie Harris as much as the next guy, but his card didn't do anything for me today. Sorry Willie. I know you were on the 2005 World Championship team, but you are a Brave on this card.

Today was not about pack opening and posting the results. Today was about first impressions of the new base releases for the two remaining companies. Topps was nice but kind of blah, but not because of the lack of White Sox cards. The base cards remind me of a sad, tortured clown. There are lot of shapes and bright colors, but no happiness.

I guess what shaped my opinion even more was the e-mail I got today. When I got home with the cards, there was an e-mail waiting for me that said IPO SOLD OUT. Topps screwed me over again today. The worst part about it was that they made me wait two days before telling me. I could deal with the cards being sold out. It happens. There's a limited amount available. The thing that gets under my skin is that they waited so long to tell me. There's no excuse for that.

If you think that influenced my opinion when ripping into the packs, I can assure you that it did not. I didn't check my e-mail until after I opened all the packs. It probably made the e-mail message slightly more sinister. I'll wait a little bit before I purchase another 2008 Topps pack. I need to clear my head and start fresh with Topps. By tomorrow, I'm sure all we be forgiven. It's just frustrating sometimes.

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