Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More Upper Deck Surprises

Well, well, well. Upper Deck certainly seems to be full of surprises today. Not only do they get their product out on time, they have unannounced Presidential Predictor insert cards. Kudos to Upper Deck!

They certainly come out smelling better than Topps in the candidate themed cards, so far. Hmmm, another card featuring Barack Obama in White Sox garb. Very interesting. Yes, this is on my watch list. I have found a bunch of these that have popped up on eBay within the last few hours.

I'd say Upper Deck has the upper hand here. I ordered my eTopps cards Tuesday morning and have not yet gotten a positive confirmation. I've gotten plenty of e-mails saying that the order is being allocated, but nothing on the results yet. Why does this remind me of Tuesday night?

So be on the look out for Presidential Predictors in packs of 2008 Upper Deck Series One. Normally, I don't like inserts that have nothing to do with baseball, but these all incorporate baseball themes. So, I'm OK with it. Plus, there's another White Sox related card to collect. I may draw the line at the Mitt Romney card featuring him as Carlton Fisk, since it doesn't actually feature Carlton Fisk.

It seems reader Hardcle just squeaked by me on the first eBay auction of this card. Congrats Hardcle! You beat my strategery.


hardcle said...

Sorry about that. Maybe next time you should wait to post until you win the auction.

White Sox Cards said...

I posted that before I planned on bidding on it. I just found it funny that I was beat out by someone I kind of knew.

There are plenty more out there. Enjoy your card!

dayf said...

So are these reasonably common? I'd love to build a set of these cards. The Morganna Clinton card almost caused me to fall out of my chair laughing.

White Sox Cards said...

There are entire sets and individual cards all over eBay right now. I would imagine they are no more common than an ordinary predictor card.

If there are that many within 24 hours of release on eBay, they must be pretty common.

tm87 said...

Really great post. :)

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