Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trading With Baseball Card Man

I decided to take Bart McClaughry aka Baseball Card Man up on the trade offer of 25 Royals for 25 players of a team of your choice. With no set want list and no parameters other than random cards of Royals, I decided to really dig through my collection to come up with something other than 25 cards of Phil Hiatt.

I have a want list up, but it has a lot of holes in it. Generally, I don't mind getting doubles of cards that I have, as long as I get something I need in a trade. It could be one card out of 100, but it'll still be something I need. Although, when trading blindly, I tend not to care what I get. As long as there are White Sox players in there, I'm fine.

For something so completely random, I got a number of cards that I needed. I was pleasantly surprised. There were only three cards that were actually posted on my want list. I figured that I would get a bunch of cards that I already had, but there were only a couple of doubles. Very nice selection Bart!

What Bart got:

1979 Topps #409 - Willie Wilson
1982 Topps #594 - Renie Martin
1983 Topps #194 - Cesar Geronimo
1984 Topps #26 - Bud Black
1985 Fleer #207 - Hal McRae
1987 Donruss #343 - Rudy Law
1987 Topps #400 - George Brett
1988 Topps #324 - Danny Jackson
1989 Score #105 - Danny Tartabull
1990 Bowman #364 - Bret Saberhagen
1990 Classic #2 - Bo Jackson
1991 Fleer Update #U25 - Warren Cromartie
1991 Score #764 - Sean Berry
1991 Studio #66 - Kirk Gibson
1991 Ultra #156 - Terry Shumpert
1992 Baseball Enquirer #25 - George Brett
1992 Classic Game #81 - George Brett
1992 Ultra #70 - Mark Gubicza
1993 Leaf #168 - Keith Miller
1993 OPC #50 - George Brett
1994 Donruss #324 - Mike MacFarlane
1995 SP Silver #159 - Wally Joyner
2005 Donruss Team Heroes #152 - Jeremy Affeldt
2006 Fleer Tradition #172 - Steve Stemle
2007 Bowman Draft #BDPP53 - Mike Moustakas
2007 Goudey Green #137 - David DeJesus

I tried to get a good mix of players, sets and years in there. I sent out 26 cards. I threw in the unidentifiable George Brett card with the pine tar bat cartoon as a freebie. I have no clue as to where I got it, but I have a bizarre Cecil Fielder one that I will be posting on my other site soon.

What I got:

1989 Upper Deck #457 - Barry Jones
1989 Upper Deck #628 - Fred Manrique
1990 MLB All-Stars Playing Cards #6 Clubs - Ozzie Guillen
1990 MLB All-Stars Playing Cards #9 Clubs - Bobby Thigpen
1992 MLB Aces Playing Cards #7 Hearts - Frank Thomas
1992 Stadium Club #866 - Ramon Garcia
1997 Bowman #117 - Tom Fordham
1997 Bowman #128 - Jeff Abbott
1997 Bowman #129 - Eugene Kingsale (Orioles)
1997 Bowman #378 - Mike Cameron
1998 Bowman #124 - Jason Dellaero
1999 Stadium Club #303 - Jeff Abbott
2000 Impact #53 - Brian Simmons
2000 UD Ionix #56 - Frank Thomas
2001 Topps #527 - David Wells
2001 Topps Heritage #99 - Greg Norton
2001 Topps Heritage #157 - Paul Konerko
2001 Topps Heritage #169 - Jeff Abbott
2001 Topps Heritage #178 - Jim Parque
2001 Topps Heritage #223 - Keith Foulke
2001 Topps Heritage #228 - Chris Singleton
2001 Topps Traded #T221 - Josh Fogg
2004 Studio #50 - Carols Lee
2004 Studio #55 - Magglio Ordonez (2)
2005 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects #59 - Paul Konerko

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this exceeded any of my expectations. The playing cards were a big surprise. I rarely see them at decent prices, and even then, it's usually only the Frank Thomas ones. The Thigpen playing card was a nice surprise! The Eugene Kingsale was puzzling, but I figured he came along with Jeff Abbott. This was the first time I got two of the same card in a trade, but it's also one that I needed. That's always a welcome edition! I think that was also my first card of Brian Simmons and my first 2001 Topps Heritage cards.

With the Oriole and the Magglio doubles that brings the card total to 26. So, I guess it's 26 Royals for 25 White Sox and 1 Oriole. Not too shabby! I am very pleased with this trade and I think Bart is happy as well. I may ask to trade for 25 White Sox cards again, later in the year. This was a great experience!


Bart McClaughry said...

I can't believe I did it again! Same Team even! I did this earlier I sent an Orioles to David at Indian Cards when he collects Indians! When I was packaging the cards I thought well, there might be some doubles in there, and I thought oh well at least I am not sending a player from a team they don't collect. But, I guess he was stuck to another player. I honestly don't know where he came from.

White Sox Cards said...

Don't worry about it. I'm just happy to get a lot of White Sox cards. :)

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