Sunday, February 3, 2008

Family Guy Made Me Pick The Giants

After watching the umpteenth repeat of the Tom Brady episode of Family Guy last night, I've decided to go against everything Patriots today. I'm rooting for the underdog. Let's go Giants!

I'm not sure if it was the never-ending talk about the Patriots this week or seeing an animated naked Tom Brady in the shower with a naked Peter Griffin that was the last straw. Either way, I want the Patriots to fail tonight.

I'm not that heavy into football. I can take it or leave it. I'll follow the Bears a little bit, since they are the local team, but that's about the extent of it. I am so sick of Patriots talk that I will be disappointed if they do win.

I've tried to avoid it all week, but everywhere I turn it's Patriots this and Patriots that. I haven't heard much Giants talk, except for a few stories about players with local ties. That's it. Nothing else. All I've heard is about the team of destiny. A destiny can be changed. Let's hope New York brings that change tonight.

Go Giants!


dayf said...

The Coke commercial with the Macy's parade balloon of Stewie was surely an omen of the Giants' victory.

White Sox Cards said...

I'll buy that. What kind of an omen did Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons bring?

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