Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Sox Machine Is Awesome

It seems that everyone is everywhere I want to be and doing everything I want to do. From getting the 2008 Topps Heritage before my pre-order has come in to going to 2008 Spring Training. Everyone on Earth, it seems, is doing more exciting things than I am.

Case in point is Sox Machine. The Spring Training videos are awesome! Keep them up. Besides dayf's excessive taunting about Jim Thome, this is the stuff I really want to see first hand. One day, I will get to Spring Training. Hopefully, sometime this week, I'll get my pre-order 2008 Topps Heritage box.

Until then, enjoy these awesome Spring Training videos.

John Danks new cutter.

Alexei Ramirez' first at-bat.


dayf said...

Awesome! I absolutely can't wait for the ESPN game between the Dodgers and Braves tomorrow. I have a dentist's appointment at 3:30 though which is a bummer. How did I manage to schedule a filling the same time as the first televised game of the year??

White Sox Cards said...

It was nice to hear the Sox game on the radio yesterday. Something that won't happen again until March 7th vs. the D'Backs. The first televised Sox game is on March 3rd vs. the Royals.

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