Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Return To Form

Be warned. Ozzie Guillen will not hold back anymore. Cover your children's ears because the old Ozzie will be back this season. Ozzie is sick of the sensitivity training mode and blames that way of thinking for last year's lackluster performance.

I tend to agree with that statement. Ozzie can be an insensitive boob, but it's that kind of honest, first thing out of his mouth way of managing that makes him successful. Ozzie makes things in the clubhouse interesting. If there is any player bored in the dugout, they must be a cadaver.

Ozzie thrives on emotions. That was his style of play. That's his style of managing. It brings success. When he is forced to alter his management style, Ozzie is less effective.

Be prepared for a looser clubhouse. Don't be surprised if you hear Ozzie calling a player a @%*# or a #!^@. He is the manager who made a rookie pitcher cry. He called a Chicago area journalist a homophobic slur. The journalist deserved a harsher word than that, and Ozzie deserved less punishment for what he said.

I'm not defending Ozzie's actions, but it seems to be a lot better when Ozzie is just being Ozzie. I hope this lasts all season. Chicago has missed the real Ozzie. So have the Sox players. The 2007 record of 72-90 speaks for itself.

If that doesn't inspire confidence, maybe this Ozzie quote will.

"If we win this year, I might run naked down Michigan Avenue, like people expect me to do," Guillen said. "I suffered a lot last year. My family says that when I win, 'take advantage because when you lose, you are going to take the blame.' "

Inspiring words, but I'm not sure how many fans want to see a 44 year old, crazy Venezuelan running naked down Michigan Avenue. Maybe Ozzie's looking to crack his way into the Nude Olympics.

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