Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

Well, Super Tuesday is here. It doesn't feel very super. Just a normal day. Larger images of the 4 Presidential candidates featured in the latest eTopps release are now available.

Barack Obama can clearly be seen wearing a White Sox uniform, but that was always obvious. He has always spoken of being a White Sox fan, so that's not a huge shocker. The next one is a shocker.

Now, Hillary Clinton can be seen wearing a Cubs hat, which is her first team. She abandoned them in favor of the Yankees when she moved to New York. It's like when she campaigned for the Republicans in Chicago and switched to the Democrats because she didn't like the candidate the Republicans ended up endorsing. It might've had something to do with campaigning for a candidate that lost out on the presidency.

John McCain is clearly wearing a Diamondbacks hat, which makes sense. That would explain the World Series jacket that he's wearing. And here I thought it was the Florida Marlins, from the tiny image that was released prior. Silly me. Why didn't I think of Arizona before? It all makes perfect sense to me... now.

There's a reason that Mitt Romney's image wasn't featured in the pre-release hype. He doesn't have any baseball team affiliation whatsoever. Mitt's just wearing a simple button-up shirt. You'd think with a name like Mitt, he'd have a hat or a jersey or something. Maybe Mitt's just a button-up kind of guy.

Enough political mumbo jumbo. What about the cards?

The cards look like the typical Allen & Ginter style card. Very sharp looking. Will we get sick of this design like we did the 1952 design? I hope not. The A&G design looks like it's here to stay and Topps will use it in everything from online cards to wresting cards.

And yes, I've put my order in for the candidate wearing the White Sox uniform. Don't think of that as an endorsement. I'm not endorsing anyone on this blog. It's a card with someone in a White Sox uniform. That's good enough to add to my White Sox collection. I'll leave the political endorsements to the political blogs. This is a site about baseball, baseball cards and the White Sox. I don't aspire to stray much into anything else.


dayf said...

Good luck man, that is a nice looking card.

Bubba said...

Where is Ron Paul? Mike Huckabee? Sure, McCain will get the nod, but Huck and Paul are still in the race! It must be a conspiracy...lol

White Sox Cards said...

That was my original thought. I'm looking for Rudy's card. lol

dayf said...

Stale Gum found Rudy's card :)


White Sox Cards said...

That's just plain wrong.

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