Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Original Cards On The Writer's Journey

The image on the left was created by Jason of The Writer's Journey back in 1990. You can see 15 examples of this homemade set here.

I think most of us with any interest in art have at one point tried making our own cards. I'm sure we've had varying degrees of success with each attempt. I can remember making really bad cards of Harold Baines and Cal Ripken Jr., among others, when I was much younger. I even tried to make my own Garbage Pail Kids.

I'm positive that this is 250 times better than anything I ever did as a kid. This looks better than a few major card releases. Without even looking at the name, I can tell this is Ozzie Guillen from around the 1990 season.

The design reminds me of classic card releases. Is this perfect? No, but that's part of the charm. This is an awesome card from a pretty great set of cards, based on the 15 examples I have seen. Would I be out of line by saying I really like this card and wish that it was in my collection? Yeah, probably. But I am that impressed with the results of this 1990 venture.


dayf said...

Wow! Great 1938 Goudey card! He must have had a Dover reprint book too.

Wax Heaven said...

Those cards are freakin' unbelievable. I LOVE the Canseco.

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