Friday, February 22, 2008

Card Spotlight: 2-22-08

2008 Topps Black #296 - Paul Konerko 32/57

This is my second 2008 Topps Black White Sox card. I received it in the mail the other day off of eBay. At this rate, I'll have the black collection completed before the regular team set. Oh well, such is life.

I can't get over how good these cards look! Being out of the hobby for so many years, it's hard to imagine what these cards looked like before last year's copper cards. The copper cards look nice, but these look even better.

Hmm, maybe completing a black set isn't such a lofty goal after all. If anyone gets a Topps Black White Sox card, let me know if you are willing to trade. I'll think of something to give in return, to where we are both satisfied with the trade.

I think I smell a challenge! I'm never one to back away from a challenge, so I'll get it done or collect as many as I can trying. I'm all for the cause, but I'm also realistic enough to think that I may fall short of my goal. I'm willing to give it my best though.

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